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Get your problem solved in 3 simple steps


Show us your problem

Simply take a video on your phone
and send to us using our bot.

Make a video

We will connect you with an expert

We make it easy to find you a solution

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We send out a qualified expert to Feex your problem

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Feex is the specialist of the home upkeep

Easy to use

Easy to use

Simply record a video showing and explaining the problem and let Feex do the rest


Get sorted

Feex can help you find providers instantly that are ready to perform their job ASAP or whenever you ask for it

Anxiety Free

Stay anxiety free

Track the location and estimated time of arrival of your expert from your mobile


Satisfaction guaranteed

All Feex experts are verified and tested to ensure your satisfaction and that the job is up to our high standards


You are in control

Feex makes it easy to get any job done, simply record the video and Feex will find the solutions for you


Talk your language

You can take the video in your own language and Feex will match you with a provider that understands you

100% Money-back guarantee

If you're not happy with our service or the quality of the repair or installation, we will do everything we can to rectify the problem in a fast and effective manner. If we can't or you are not happy with the Feex service, we will refund you the full amount - no questions asked.

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